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June 14, 2017
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I have been fortunate over the last 15 years in education to work with incredible educators across the globe. Friendships have been forged and mutual respect and admiration for these 12 has only continued to grow as the years pass. Each come with their own skill-set and talents, and that’s what makes being a connected educator so wonderful — the ability to create friends anywhere with diverse backgrounds and talents, and use technology to continue to stay connected to one another. If you are not yet following these follow-worthy edurockstars, then what are you waiting for?! Hit that follow button on Twitter and start learning from these incredibly talented, passionate educators. 🙂

The following are in no particular order:

1. Dr. Jennifer Williams — @JenWilliamsEDU — Clearwater, Florida, USA

Jen is an incredible, passionate leader who finds passion in forging meaningful relationships with everyone she meets. She also has an impressive list of credentials to her name!

EdD. Advocate of #socialgood & #TeachSDGs. Prof @SaintLeoUniv. @ILAToday Board. #MIEexpert. @Edutopia & @EducationWeek Writer. Questioning, dreaming, doing.

2. Keith Peters — @principalkp — Fort Lauderdale, Florida, USA

Looking to be inspired by a principal?! Keith is your man! I have had the opportunity to visit his school, Gator Run Elementary, and wow does he and his admin team do amazing work with their teachers and students! Be sure to follow him to see all of the great things he does…and his amazing socks!

Lead Learner @GatorRunElem. @TEDxTalker. Innovator. Husband. Father. Type 1 Diabetes Dad. “If we were going to start ‘school’ over, would we do it this way?”

3. Rabbi Michael Cohen — @TheTechRabbi — Los Angeles, California, USA

This guy is a rockstar! He is an Apple Distinguished Educator, a Google Certified Innovator, and just look at his profile image — he is also an INCREDIBLE graphic artist! Not to mention, he is one of the most humble, friendy, kind people I have had the opportunity to come across. He is inspiring with his storytelling and an incredible presenter.

Cultivating Creativity & Innovation in #Education, Designer, Storyteller, M.S.Ed, Apple Distinguished Educator, Google Certified Trainer, Strategist: @Mercava

4. Rodney Turner — @techyturner — Phoenix, Arizona, USA

When I say this guy is everywhere, I mean he is everywhere. I don’t think there is a conference that I attend that I don’t bump into him. Rodney is the type of guy that is soft-spoken and willing to make friends with anyone. He is a great person to talk and have dinner with and learn about the amazing things he is doing within his school!

Dad. Explorer/Seeker/Connector Google Certified Educator Level 1&2. Microsoft Innovative Educator. Not Wires Or Pliers But Educational Consulting That Inspires.

5. Naomi Harm — @NaomiHarm — California, USA

I have the honor and privilege of working with Naomi everyday on my team at Wonder Workshop. She is an influential educator with a passion for STEM education — especially when it comes to getting more girls involved. She is extremely accomplished and has been a keynoter presenter across the globe. She is kind, thoughtful, and truly cares about what is best for students.

CEO/Founder http://IEC.Network ° Senior Strategic EDU Manager @WonderWorkshop ° STEM Leadership Mentor, ISTE PD Coach, Google Certified Innovator, Nat’/Intl’ Keynoter

6. Nathan Stevens — @nathan_stevens — ???Antartica???

Nathan is the last guy on the planet that would want to be included on a top list, but ya know what Nathan…too bad! You’re totally worth following! This guy is hilarious (and has some of the best animated GIFs I’ve ever seen), but beyond that, he is incredibly passionate about STEM and the maker movement. He is a go-to resource for whenever I’m looking for an honest opinion on a particular subject or topic.

Darth Maker, Teachwithyour series, Restricted Free Agent, MAKER of things, my opinions should be yours, Paper distinguished Educator, certified in 0

7. Amber McCormick — @EdTechAmber — Clermont, Florida, USA

Amber is a must follow for those of you educators who are getting into sketchnoting. She is a sketchnote master, and has been presenting and sharing her skills at conferences like FETC, ST4T and ISTE to name a few! She is also passionate about global studies and STEM education. You need to follow her to see the sketchnotes she creates!

Global Studies Teacher K-5, Digital Media Creations facilitator, @bunceeKahoot!,@quivervision @bloxelsbuilderambassador #sketchnote, & lover of great inquiry

8. Faith Plunkett — @missfplunkett — Alabama, USA

Like my pal Rodney, Faith is another conference buddy that I see at EVERY conference! I don’t know how she does it all while teaching, but she is at EdCamps across the US, saw her at FETC, ISTE, CSTA, I mean wow! And while she may come across as being soft-spoken and reserved, she has such a passionate side to her when it involves computer science and STEM. Such a warm, kind person who everyone should get to bump into at the conferences they attend!

CS Educator. Memory Catcher. Adventure Seeker. Maker. Innovator. Techie. Passionate about helping my students find their passions & helping teachers grow

9. Alana Aaron — @alanamaaron — New York City, New York, USA

Alana is leading an incredible movement in New York City Schools, in the area of computer science. Previously a classroom teacher, and now a Sr. Director, Alana’s focus is bringing the CS4All experience to all of the teachers and students she works with. Her story about how she became interested in computer science with Dash and Dot and one female student always brings a tear to my eye. Be sure to follow her to see how a big district is doing it right with computer science implementation and preparation!

Sr Director, Comms & Expansion, Computer Science Edu @NYCSchools#CS4AllNYC | @Codeorg Facilitator #TeachCode #CSforAll

10. David Lockhart — @bigguyinabowtie — Atlanta, GA, USA

You can’t miss David anywhere he goes, because he will probably be taller than you — and he is usually the only guy wearing a bowtie. Besides that, David comes with a wealth of knowledge in professional development and training. You can see him presenting across the country on maker spaces, STEM education and a myriad of other topics. Although he may be tall, he is a gentle giant and is a great guy to talk to!

ETS @ksuiteach• educator• maker• presenter/keynoter• @googleforeduInnovator&Trainer• @raspberry_picertified• ambassador for edtech• I #bowtieup on occasion

11. Glenn Robbins — @Glennr1809 — New Jersey, USA

I love it when I have the opportunity to talk to Glenn. He gets it, and what makes it better is that he is a superintendent and leading a school district through incredible changes. I don’t think there is a time that I haven’t seen Glenn smiling, and that’s because he truly loves what he does. He is an accomplished, award winning educator, and everyone should find something that he is doing within his innovative district and try it at their school!

Superintendent of @TabschoolsHusband&Father. @NASSP National Digital Principal of the Year. @SETDAStudent Voice Award. MS Bammy Edu Voice Award…

12. Dr. Katrina Keene — @teachintechgal — Chattanooga, Tennessee, USA

Katrina is an incredible, influential educator and when you bump into her, you want to become best friends with her. She is outgoing, bubbly, and truly cares about children — especially giving them their voice and choice for how they learn. She is a firm believer in educating parents in technology and what their children are experiencing so they can better handle the ins-and-outs of being a parent, as she is one as well. She loves STEM education and probably has the 2nd largest tech toy collection that I know of…me being the first of course!

EdD • K12 Education Strategist CDW-G • #MIEExpert •National/International Speaker • Author • K12 Coding Curriculum Designer • Believer #StuVoice& #EParenting

Boy was this hard narrowing it down to only 12, as I could have gone on forever, because there are so many incredible educators that I get to interact with on a daily basis. I’ll probably have to do another one of these again in the future to make sure I am able to hit all of the great people for whom you should follow!

Happy start to your school year, and I wish all of you a wonderful year of success. Have fun learning from these incredible friends!

P.S. — For those of you who know me, 12 is my lucky number so everything I do is around the number 12…Top 12 #TopTechToys and Top 12 #TopTechTools, etc!

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